About Us

School History

Little Sparrows Nursery School was established in 1982 as an outreach to Armonk and the surrounding community. It began very small, with one class of 3s and one class of 4s. Since then, it has expanded to two classes of 2s, two classes of 3s, two classes of 4s and an Academic Enrichment and Extended Day Program. There is currently a staff of 5 teachers, 10 assistants, a Director and a Bookkeeper. The school is registered with the NYS Department of Education and Licensed by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services. Little Sparrows is a private, non-profit preschool and is a ministry of Hillside Church.

Parent Involvement

We at Little Sparrows feel that parents are an integral part of a successful school program. Through parent involvement we are better able to meet the developmental and personal needs of children.We have an “open door” policy for parents.


We believe in the development of the whole child. Our program, therefore, is designed to meet the needs of young children in all areas of development – social, emotional, cognitive,physical and spiritual – in a loving, supportive atmosphere based on Christian principles. We hope to instill in each child a positive self-image and an awareness of the loving nature of God.

During these joyous early childhood years, children are filled with boundless energy, and an almost unquenchable thirst for learning. The Child’s questioning and exploration of everything in his/her environment is encouraged. Our program provides opportunities to see and feel, to hear, to taste and to smell-in short, we offer a variety of exciting age appropriate, yet challenging experiences.

As a Christian preschool, we honor our heritage in ways that children can understand: grace before we snack, songs which recognize God as a presence in our lives, bible stories and above all, a curriculum that stresses respect and love for everyone and care for one another. We teach the children that they are all unique and each of us has our own gifts/talents and strengths/challenges. Children with special needs are accepted and loved.